After seven long years, the all-new FLEX book is finally finished.
Available NOW in Paperback and Hardcover editions!

This discography became so huge that it is split up into TWO books!
First one has “A-M”, second one has “M-Z”!
  • The new FLEX Discography is a set of two large-sized books. An expanded, completely rewritten new edition.
  • It contains 10,000 reviews of punk, powerpop and hardcore records recorded in the US and Canada between 1975 and 1985.
  • 1350 pages.
  • The coverage is very extensive, including the well known punk/hardcore/powerpop records as well as thousands of obscure releases
  • 15,000 sleeve scans, regular and alternative versions, bootlegs etc.
  • Additional information on pressings, colored vinyl, bootlegs, reissues, alternate versions, test pressings...
  • Also band connections, band location, track listing etc.
  • 60-page Ramones section! Including official releases and bootlegs. Also extensive documentations of Misfits, Septic Death, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys releases and many, many more.
  • The book is written completely in English (no more German reviews!).
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