Please say hello to A BRAND NEW FLEX BOOK!!
I have been working like a madman for three years, devoting my heart and soul to an entirely different punk and hardcore scene:

I can honestly say that I have not been this excited about music since I first discovered American hardcore in 1981!
The depth, variety, quality (and not least, collectibility) of this scene is simply breathtaking, ranging from classic KBD punk and raging hardcore to excellent mod and beat punk, angular hard punk and obscure styles that hardly compare to anything outside of Japan.
This new
FLEX book traces the first decade of that scene, from 1975 to 1986 (I added an extra year to include some more classic hardcore releases).
Just like the US version of FLEX, it's a near-complete discography of punk and hardcore, adding mod and the punk-er side of powerpop (much less than in the US books), no wave, post punk and new wave.

Some basic stats:
- 1,300 reviews and 1,700 sleeve scans on 580 pages
- US Trade/Digest format (a more manageable size than the huge US books)
- Band and pressing info, alternate versions, reissues, bootlegs, insert info and more...
- Detailed sections for Star Club, The Stalin, GISM, Gauze, Confuse, Gai/Swankys, Execute, Kuro, The Willard and whatever other Japanese band you may be looking for.
- Several age-old collector mysteries solved (Human Gas/Stali Nism! Star Club 1977 EP!)

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After seven long years, the all-new FLEX book is finally finished.
Available NOW in Paperback and Hardcover editions!

This discography became so huge that it is split up into TWO books!
First one has “A-M”, second one has “M-Z”!
  • The new FLEX Discography is a set of two large-sized books. An expanded, completely rewritten new edition.
  • It contains 10,000 reviews of punk, powerpop and hardcore records recorded in the US and Canada between 1975 and 1985.
  • 1350 pages.
  • The coverage is very extensive, including the well known punk/hardcore/powerpop records as well as thousands of obscure releases
  • 15,000 sleeve scans, regular and alternative versions, bootlegs etc.
  • Additional information on pressings, colored vinyl, bootlegs, reissues, alternate versions, test pressings...
  • Also band connections, band location, track listing etc.
  • 60-page Ramones section! Including official releases and bootlegs. Also extensive documentations of Misfits, Septic Death, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys releases and many, many more.
  • The book is written completely in English (no more German reviews!).
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